Privatizing Public Programs Should Be Illegal

The picture is clear when you realize that privatizing most or all public programs is worth TRILLIONS of dollars. It’s like an untapped goldmine and all the rich greedy elite assholes want to get their hands on it, regardless of who it hurts. When you realize that this is a “PRIVATE VERSUS PUBLIC” war everything becomes much simpler to understand.

There is no great conspiracy or plan from some powerful cabal to rule the world. At least not one that millions of rich elite assholes could ever hope to hold together. It’s much simpler than that.

It’s greed. Greedy people flock together naturally. Their interests are the same. They want more money and power and will do anything to get it. Greedy people¬†work together more naturally than other groups because they have common interests. Wealth and power are what drives them. They’re drunk with it. The rush of power knowing that you can buy anything and anyone with your money. The more money you have the more powerful you are.

I don’t know the solution, or even if there is one. Maybe permanently banning the privatization of any social program that is for the greater good of humanity would be a good start. At least then those programs would be protected better than they are now. Such a ban would have to be protected under the Constitution. A Constitutional amendment would be¬†needed that would make privatizing public services and programs that are paid for by tax dollars, illegal. All the programs listed below need to be protected better under the U.S. Constitution or we will lose them.

Social Security, Medicare, public schools, post offices, state and national parks, infrastructure, and especially prisons, all need to be protected from privatization.

Private business and the private sector is a good thing for the economy. I fully support capitalism, so as long as it’s regulated effectively and fairly to prevent civil and human rights abuses and violations. The regulation needs to protect the environment as well. Stronger environmental regulations which also allow certain freedoms of movement and growth within the private sector is a good balance.

Our world is in danger. A very clear and present danger posed by rampant greed infecting our public programs. Corporations and the elites who run them will stop at nothing to privatize everything they can without regard for life, liberty and justice. They will take it all if we allow it.

We can’t let that happen.



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