Building Codes Are a Scam

Building codes are a scam. Not all. But most codes probably don’t need to be so expensive. Homes, houses, cabins and castles built centuries ago are still standing today and still livable after hundreds of years! Maintenance and restoration has been done of course, as such as long as they are maintained, they will still stand for another few hundred years. When you compare old dwellings that still exist today, and are still livable, then it becomes clear that most building codes are most likely bullshit excuses to make money for the city, county, state or federal agency that imposes and enforces those codes.

The current building code system is a simple farce (created by greedy politicians) to funnel money to the city, county, state, and federal authorities and agencies governing housing.

But wait. Not all building codes are bad. Right? Sure there are safety issues involved, and all homes must be safe. You must make sure the building is safe. But the fees and costs involved in that are astronomical and a closer look would suggest it doesn’t need to be so expensive.

Most building codes are there simply as a way to make money for those imposing those fees. It’s a multi-billion dollar a year scam masquerading as law which pretends to care about the “health and safety” of the public.

That right there, the “health and safety” excuse is used to charge huge and numerous fees for permitting, licensing, fines, and other fees which line the pockets of cities and municipalities all over the world. This is proof right here that it’s not all about the “health and safety” of the public as much as it is about making money off of seemingly legitimate fees and semi-logical rules of building dwellings.

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