Off The Grid Trends: Top 10 States For “Off The Grid”

Off The Grid GraphHere’s a list of the top 10 US states for “off the grid” trending based search. According to Google Trends and search results, the trend is UP over the past 5 years, with dramatic increases in people within certain larger cities searching for information using the keyword phrase “off the grid“.

Here’s a screenshot from Google trends showing a graph and related news stories. Not the popularity increase, especially in 2008, which is right around the time our economy really took a dump!

These trends seem to indicate that larger cities, i.e., cities with large populations, are searching for ways to off the grid. Though it doesn’t tell us why exactly, the data is important I think because it shows that folks in large cities (in my opinion) are just plain tired of the city lifestyle, and are looking for an alternative.

Off The Grid graph

Top 10 US States

Top 10 Cities
1.Berkeley, CA, USA
2.Oakland, CA, USA
3.San Francisco, CA, USA
4.San Jose, CA, USA
5.Denver, CO, USA
6.Portland, OR, USA
7.Pleasanton, CA, USA
8.Seattle, WA, USA
9.Austin, TX, USA
10.Richardson, TX, USA

Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and Pleasanton, California snagged 50% of the top 10 cities nationwide, as well as the TOP 40% percent in the USA. Denver, CO ranks #5, Portland, OR Seattle, WA, Austin, and Richardson TX bringing up the last of the 10.

Point being, many people from some of the largest cities in the USA are searching for off the grid related information. Whether this means that the trend for the off the grid lifestyle actually see a significant boost isn’t clear, but I would venture a guess that is the case.


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