Container Castle: 7744 SqFt 8 Bedroom 4 Bath $207k

Ever wanted your own castle? Yeah!? Well, I do too, and here’s my Container Castle! A shipping container home design in the form of an old fashioned medieval castle. Many people can barely afford a modern stick built home, but when you build with steel shipping containers, they become inexpensive modular building units with absolutely unlimited potential that can be turned into almost any structure imaginable. I can’t think of a more perfect building component system than using a modular design (except for a natural earthen home, or earthship). I designed another Container Castle a while ago, but this one is different in that it uses fewer containers.

Here is my NEW Container Castle design. 4 Stories, consists of 18 40′ shipping containers forming a ring around a central atrium like vertical space 32 feet tall by 40×40 (1600 sqft) wide in the center. The four stories total a square footage of 5120 sqft not counting the 4 40′ towers at each corner of the castle. Each tower level has a floor space of 64 sqft, for a total of 1024 square feet within all 4 towers. There is a 10 foot round dome skylight on the roof which lets in plenty of sunlight to grow many species of plants and even trees INSIDE the castle.

– 7744 square feet of floor space
– 24,000 Watt Solar Panel Array (48 500 Watt PV panels) = $20,000
– 20,000 Watt Quad Vertical Helix Mag-Lev (low wind) Wind Turbine System = $50,000

Container Castle

Container Castle

Container Castle Interior

Container Castle Front

4 large helix wind turbines and a solar panel array with 48 solar panels generate a combined power of 44,000 watts.

Total cost to build this 4 story container castle? Not counting the solar/wind power system is about $207k

8 Bedroom 4 Bath “Container Castle” for less than $???k

18 Steel (ISBU) 40′ Shipping Containers = $36,000
Design Drawings/Floor Plan = $1000
Building Permits = $5000
Foundation = $10,000
Plumbing = $2500
Electrical = $2500
Heating/Cooling/Ducting = $5000
Carpet (1000 yards) = $5000
Flooring 2000 sq ft (bathrooms & kitchen) = $5000
Drywall/Paneling/Paint = $10,000
Cabinets/Counters $5000
Hardware/Toilets/Tubs/Showers = $5000
Lighting = $5000
Windows = $15000
Doors (20) = $3000
Roofing = $5000
Landscaping = $2500
Electrical and Trim Fixtures = $5000
SUB TOTAL = $137,000
TOTAL COST =  $207,500

4 thoughts on “Container Castle: 7744 SqFt 8 Bedroom 4 Bath $207k

  1. I would love to acquire a set of Blue-prints and Floor plans for this beautiful Home. The home would come in handy if the economy fails. One could grow all the food One needs to feed the family.

  2. I would love to get a set of blueprints and floor-plans for the Beauty. I think it would come in handy if the economy crashes. One could grow all the food One needs for the family in that court-yard.

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