Bad Cops Have a License To Kill

This sounds fucked up, and it is. The way things are currently in the USA law enforcement agencies, corruption and police brutality and lack of deescalation training. If I wanted to kill someone and get away with it I’d be a cop. Good thing I don’t want to kill someone, huh. It doesn’t even matter if someone records it on video. Hundreds if not thousands of people have been killed by cops in situations that did not need to be escalated to lethal force. Too many situations happen where cops overreach their authority and people end up dead.

There is very little accountability and the blue wall is very real. Cops lookout for cops in a little fucked up brotherhood called “The Boys in Blue”. This is not to say all cops are bad, or even a majority, so don’t even go there. But if good cops do not report bad cops for breaking the law or using excessive force then they are just as guilty as the ones who are bad because they are the enablers. They become accomplices after the fact when they ignore the problems and the bad cops that cause them.

Bad cops are wannabe military soldiers and bullies and have dreams of being the biggest badass on the block. They think their badge and gun gives them the right to control others, infringe on their civil and human rights and they don’t give a fuck.

The problem is cops are trained by veterans. Not that many veterans are asshole cops, I’m simply saying that it’s possible that in the beginning when all the training first started veterans didn’t know any better and thought that it was ok to train civilian law enforcement in military tactics.

No offense to veterans of course, but Marines and Army soldiers are trained to kill the enemy and neutralize the threat. Right? You are soldiers and warriors, and are trained to kill the enemy and neutralize the threat as quickly as possible.

Many veterans will come home from deployment and serving their country, and join the police force. That’s fine, and it’s ok of course. I support vets and I support vets in law enforcement.

But where the problem starts is when they use their military combat training and apply it to civilian law enforcement.

They train other cops to treat and take down suspects as enemy combatants. The same way THEY were trained to neutralize a threat in a war zone. This is over training.

They view suspects as enemy combatants and this leads to massive numbers of cop killings because cops were trained incorrectly. The streets of the USA are not combat zones. Civilians are not enemy combatants. They are citizens, just like cops. Cops are civilians, they are not military.

They use the same techniques as our soldiers do in war zones. If the threat does not comply, many times they neutralize the threat using lethal force. This is an unneeded escalation of situations that 99% of the time does not need to happen.

Throw in racism, xenophobia, and bigotry, along with bully cops and macho bravado, mix it with a little military training and a code of silence which is the blue wall, and you have exactly what we have right now. A bunch of over trained, incorrectly trained, asshole bad cops who think it’s ok to kill instead of deescalating the situation.

The USA is not a war zone. Force begets force.

Civilians are not enemy combatants. They should not be treated as such and street cops, regular police should not be trained in military tactics. That’s what S.W.A.T. is for.

Unfortunately it might be too late unless we can retrain our entire police force in deescalation techniques.

Train cops to subdue and capture. Not neutralize and kill.

Train them to deescalate situations instead of forcing it to reach the point of no return when the cop opens fire on an unarmed civilian.

Our system is broken and in need of repair.


DISCLAIMER: I support our military and our law enforcement. I have great respect for our soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors. I have great respect for good cops and law enforcement agencies in the USA. It’s a thankless job that doesn’t get enough credit for the good that’s done for communities all over our great nation, especially in this day and age.  The cops I refer to above are bad cops and I think they are a small percentage of law enforcement officers. I don’t believe most cops are bad. So don’t even go there with me on that one. 

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