Eric’s World is rated R. It’s a personal and public blog about anything and everything I feel like writing about. Sometimes I’ll post a lot, sometimes I go months between posts. Eric’s World is my place to vent about the bullshit of the world, to rant about the world and why it should conform to my views and beliefs. It’s a place for thought provoking articles, long incoherent manifestos on any given subject, and the barely coherent ramblings of a madman.

I’m a tell-it-like-it-is kinda guy. I don’t care for small talk and I don’t take shit off anyone. I’m unafraid of anything or anyone except my daughter. My writings, opinions and beliefs are always controversial, sometimes boring, but always completely and utterly honest. Every now and then I might even write something entertaining.

I don’t believe in sugar coating shit (tastes awful anyway; I know I tried it once; not really). I have no patience for small talk. What I say is as real as it gets. I don’t hold back and am unafraid to piss you off. If you don’t like my writings, you can fuck the fuck off. If you think I’m nuts, crazy, mad, weird, or that I need help or otherwise have mental and emotional problems, I ask you, “Who the fuck doesn’t!?”

I like to write, I like to fuck, I like good food, and I really like to tell people to fuck off. Fuck is my favorite word and you’ll see it a lot here.

I write when I feel like writing, which is usually every day. I read a lot and I love pizza, tacos, and oysters. I’m generous and honest to a fault, but if you fuck me over there are no second chances.

I don’t believe in any god, but respect your right to believe in unicorns, leprechauns, invisible skydaddies, and imaginary friends all you want. As long as you don’t try to convince me your delusions are real or that any law should be passed to make everyone believe in or worship unicorns, leprechauns, invisible skydaddies, and imaginary friends then we’ll probably get along just fine. I probably know more about your holy book than you do because I’ve read them all cover to cover, in multiple translations and versions.

I don’t subscribe to myths, fairytales or legends but am probably probably much more knowledgeable about them than you are because I study, I read, I research. I know what the fuck I’m talking about and if I don’t know something I admit it and learn about it before running my fucking mouth about it unlike most people.

I come across as arrogant, but people who say that are more likely just ignorant or jealous. They say things to me like “You use too many big words.”, I simply reply “Yeah, and so could you if you used your fucking brain!”

I have no respect for ignorance. Especially in this day and age. If you’re ignorant of a topic, then it’s your fault. It’s ok. You can learn. But if you start talking trash about something you obviously don’t know anything about I’ll call you on it. I may be insulting, but I’m always fair, completely honest and I don’t mince words.

I have no filter. I don’t give a shit about your feelings. Fuck your feelings. I like arguing and debating people who actually know how to debate and argue a point. However I draw the line when anyone refuses to accept the evidence, facts, and science. That’s when I say “Fuck off! Grow up, and get your head out of your ass.”.

Like I said, If you’re easily offended this is not the site for you. If you think you’re better than me, that’s ok, I honestly don’t care.

What I care about is writing about life, the world, and the human condition from my perspective. If you enjoy it, share the love and share my posts. If you have a blog you’d like me to share, I’d be happy to share it with my people, fans, followers and subscribers.

Thanks for reading, and if you’re offended…GOOD!

Now go away.