A Dark Time in American History

We’re headed for a dark time in American history. The right against the left. Conservatism against Liberalism and progress. Fascist theocracy against secular freedom. Greed against social good. Corporate and political corruption against transparency and fair governance. Evangelicals against freedom of choice.

You want to know what “the right side of history” is?

It’s choice. It’s freedom. Choice is freedom.

Anyone who is against We The People‘s choice is against freedom. They will claim they support freedom, but only their┬áversion of what they deem freedom to be, and if you don’t like it, if you rebel, if you refuse to follow, they will force you.

Who are the enemies of the people? Who are the enemies of our country?

Those that believe they are above nature and not part of nature are our enemies. Those that believe they are superior to others or another group are our enemies. Those that believe they have dominion over the earth are our enemies. Those that believe in law and order over choice and freedom, are our enemies. Those that refuse to accept the facts and evidence and who war against science are our enemies. Those that would adhere to ancient myths, legends and fairy tales are our enemies. Those that would turn our country into a fascist theocracy are our enemies. Those that believe the rule of law is above humanity and choice are enemies of the people.

Our country is more divided than ever before, save for one time in our country’s short 241 year history. The Civil War.

If we do not reverse course and find a peaceful resolution the powers on both sides of our country will use that animosity and fear to tear our country apart.

I believe we should come together, work together, share, work, and be one nation, but there are those who believe they are right and will stop at nothing to rip us apart and force their obsolete beliefs and traditions on all of society.

I’m not sure we can stop it from happening. If only common sense would prevail. But it rarely has in the entire history of human beings. I don’t expect common sense and respect for others’ views will prevail now.

Peace? It would be great. But I think it’s naive to think those that believe they have dominion over the earth will ever relinquish power once they get it. They want to impose their law on the whole country, and then the world. They just aren’t as open about it, but they’ve been emboldened by the current administration. They think they can use it to further their agenda.

We should talk if we can. We should work it out, if we can. We owe it to our children to try to resolve it peacefully.

If we don’t, our country’s future will be bleak and dark. I hope I’m wrong. But I fear I’m not.


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